• Symptoms - Do not attend the market if you are feeling sick   
  • Hands - Wash hands at washroom on LINK Rd. or sanitize often.
  • Masks - Vendors will be required to either wear masks or construct a physical barrier between themselves and customers.  Customers are recommended to wear a mask while in the market..
  • Physical distancing - Our market will be limited to 75 customers at a time. - All individuals in the market should endeavor to be 2 metres apart.
  • Spacing for Outdoor Markets - 2 metres or barrier between customers and vendors
  • Signage - No Pets Allowed, Health Checks, Directional, Hand Sanitization and Exit signs displayed prominently throughout the market.
  • Handling products - please refrain from handling products
  • No sampling allowed 
  • Reusable Bags, Containers  and Personal items - if customer brings own bags to the market they must bag produce themselves
  • Re-using containers -Vendors will not be permitted to reuse containers that have been returned by customers such as plastic containers for greens or egg cartons. 

The Penticton Farmers’ Market is located in the 100 block of Main Street.
The Downtown Penticton Association runs the Community Market in the 200, 300 and 400 blocks of Main Street, and on Front Street.
The 2021 Penticton Farmers' Market runs Saturdays from 8:30am – 1pm (April 17 to October 30).

Click on the “How to Apply” tab. All vendors must make, bake or grow their own products.

Pets are again allowed at the Penticton Farmers' Market.

However with record temperatures predicted over this 2021 Summer we are concerned about their health and safety. When the temperatures hit close to or over 30 degrees the pavement registers much hotter and the pads of the paws can burn very easily. 
Please consider this before bringing your Pets to the Market.

We host 4 to 5 liquor vendors per market including local wineries, craft distilleries, cideries and breweries.

Liquor vendors are permitted to sell their products from 9am - 1pm. No sampling is allowed at this time under the current Public Health Order.

We welcome non-profit organizations whose goals and objectives are consistent with those of the Penticton Farmers’ Market Society. Please review Section 8 of the PFM Rules and Regulations before applying.

All non-profits wishing to participate in the market are asked to send their requested dates to the market manager via email.

Please include the following information as well:

  • Information about your non-profit organization
  • Indicate what you will be doing at the market
  • Contact information

Please note: the market does not accept non-profit requests from individuals (wanting to collect sponsorships or donations); religious organizations; or political organizations.

Under the current Public Health Order, live music is not allowed at Farmers' Markets. We look forward to having music back at the market as soon as possible!